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Shuttle Rider Code

Safety Enhancements and New Rules

The Bobcat Shuttle is committed to providing quality service to the Texas State community, and in cooperation with our riders, we look forward to a safe summer operation. Please Know and Show Respect by sharing in the responsibility of making the shuttle riding experience as safe as possible.

Federal regulations require customers to wear face masks while on public transit vehicles and when at the bus hubs. As Texas State University's Bobcat Shuttle system is recognized by the FTA as a public transit system, masks will be required until September 13 or until further notified.

Check Yourself

  • Do not ride if you have potentially been exposed to COVID-19, or if you are experiencing any similar symptoms.
  • Daily self-assessment is a critical step every Bobcat must take to keep our community safe. 

Allow Extra Time

Please plan for delays on certain routes by leaving early and allowing extra time to accommodate the additional safety measures and modified schedules. Note that arrival time estimates on the real-time GPS bus tracking system may not be accurate.

When the bus has 20 passengers, digital signs on the front of the bus will advise you that the bus is full and to wait for the next bus. The bus will bypass remaining stops unless a stop is requested by an onboard passenger until it reaches the designated on-campus stop.

Consider commuting during off-peak hours.

Mask Up

Face coverings are federally required. Wear your face covering when you wait for the bus, as you board the bus, the whole time you are on the bus, and as you exit the bus.

Make sure your mask or face covering completely and comfortably covers the bridge of the nose, covers your mouth, fits snugly under your chin, and against the sides of your face. 

Do not remove your mask to eat or drink

The bus will not depart the stop if passengers are not wearing face coverings.

At the Bus Stop

Please form an orderly queue and maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet, including benches and solar charging stations and other infrastructure.

If the bus stop has the infrastructure for queueing, please form a socially distant line and move forward in an orderly manner to get on the bus.

Rear Boarding

Passengers must enter and exit through the rear doors only. Please allow passengers to exit the bus before you board. Front-door access will be permitted only for passengers needing the boarding ramp or operator assistance to access the bus.

Take a Seat and Leave a Seat

All passengers should remain seated. Please do not stand or use handrails, stanchions, or hang straps during your trip.

Seating on Bobcat Shuttles has been reduced to 20 riders per bus to control crowding and allow more space between passengers.

Seats on buses have been tagged as unavailable. Please sit only in seats that are available. This should leave empty seats between you and other passengers.

If you board the bus and there are no seats available, please exit the bus and wait for the next shuttle. The bus will not depart the stop if there are more than 20 riders.

Ride Politely

  • Maintain physical distance from your bus driver by not crossing the yellow chain that cordons off the driver's area
  • Leave all windows open within the bus to allow for proper ventilation
  • Carry and utilize personal hand sanitizer/antibacterial products
  • Cover coughs or sneezes (into a tissue, or your sleeve or elbow, not hands)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Dispose of trash in proper receptacles
  • Place backpacks and other personal belongings on your lap, not the floor. Please do not use blocked seats for personal items.
  • Keep your feet on the floor, not the seats
  • Remember to check for all your items before you exit the bus.
    • For health and safety reasons, food and drink containers (including reusable containers) will not be kept or turned into the lost and found.

At Your Destination

Keep your mask on until you are certain you can achieve appropriate social distancing.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Please dispose of all trash including masks, gloves, and wipes in proper receptacles.

Other Transportation Options

In addition to riding the Bobcat Shuttle, we encourage you to evaluate all transportation options including, CARTS, personal vehicles, bikes, scooters, or other alternative transportation.